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Polysemy in language and translation

Red. nauk.: Bogusław Bierwiaczonek, Joanna Paszenda
ISBN: 978-83-61378-440
Rok wydania: 2016
Cena: 35 PLN (książka dostępna w Kasie WSZOP)

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Over the last thirty years or so an increasingly large number of linguists have become aware that meaning is at the centre of language and must be taken into account on every level of linguistic analysis, from phonology to pragmatics and discourse studies. In fact, the fundamental role meaning in natural language was one of the cornerstones of cognitive linguistics as it was first formulated by R. Langacker, G. Lakoff, Ch. Fillmore, L. Talmy and others in the eighties of the twentieth century. At the same time, this growing interest in linguistic meaning has made it quite clear that most linguistic units, again from phonemes to complex grammatical constructions and utterance types, are polysemous.  This volume was intended as a forum for presenting and discussing linguistic polysemy in all its multifarious variety. Therefore, what is presented below are studies by researchers of different linguistic persuasions who have been working on the polysemous structure of linguistic units in whatever linguistic discipline they are working, from phonology, through morphology, to semantics and syntax. In addition, a few researchers deal with the practical consequences of polysemy for the process of translation.

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